Lin Cheung & Laura Potter for museumaker

About this project

From May 2010 to March 2011 Lin Cheung and Laura Potter will be working on a collaborative commission. This blog is intended as a public sketchbook, accessible and updated by both makers, where ideas and process will be archived.

The project is part of museumaker, a national partnership between makers, museums and visitors involving 16 museums across the country. 

One of the aims of the project is to utilise the collections and expertise available across three Middlesbrough museums: mima, The Dorman Museum and the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Together with local Middlesbrough residents, Lin and Laura will be using the museum collections as a means to explore issues around commissioning contemporary craft. 

Initially, Lin and Laura will deliver a series of participatory workshops. These will be followed by a participant-driven collaboration, where selected local residents will commission a piece of jewellery for themselves. These commissioned objects will be made twice: one piece will be given to the commissioner and one will be housed within mima’s contemporary jewellery collection. 

museumaker is supported by Arts Council England, the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and its programme Renaissance.

Cheung & Potter 2010